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Moving Mountains Campaign

In donating to the Moving Mountains Campaign and selecting your choice(s) below, your money is first sent to the GNB Charitable Foundation, Known as the Humanity Fund (Charity Number: 1145253). At the end of every month we add up the amounts received from all GNB Platform users and send them as one payment to each the beneficiary organisations. It is our hope and expectation that if enough of us are prepared to donate even just £1pm, (small amounts that we will never miss), we can then together literally Move Mountains! Thank you.

Step 1:

Credit your GNB Wallet - Add Money

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Select which Organisation(s) you wish to support

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Choose whether you wish to make a one-off or regular monthly donation

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Decide how much you wish to give

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Our collective donations are then forwarded every month

The GNB Promise: 100% of your GNB Wallet Donations will be sent to the Cause(s) of your choice.

SDG - 3
Collected so far £ 13.00


Moving Mountains Campaign

SDG - 6
Collected so far £ 12.00


Moving Mountains Campaign

SDG - 13
Collected so far £ 13.00


Moving Mountains Campaign

SDG - 18
Collected so far £ 9.25

Caritas Anchor House

Moving Mountains Campaign

SDG - 15
Collected so far £ 9.00


Moving Mountains Campaign

Alone we can achieve little, together we can "Move Mountains". Thank you!

Did you Know

If 100 million people picked up a rock the size of a bag of sugar you'd move 2 Mount Everests!

The Moving Mountains campaign is a metaphor for solving some of the big unsolved issues of our time - ending poverty, clean water and shelter for all and so on. Governments and big Corporations haven't solved this. In truth the only thing that will is if enough ordinary people, just like you and I, decide to do just one small thing to help others, then if enough people do this we can literally change the world. Imaging if Facebook's 2 billion people decided to do something en-mass ... what would that be like!

Thank you for signing up to the Moving Mountains campaign.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world ... indeed it's the only thing that every does" - Margaret Mead, Social Anthropologist